2020 and Thanksgiving

Dated: November 23 2020

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2020 and Thanksgiving

November 2020

Thanksgiving has always been Picturesque for me,

my absolute favorite. 

The one time a year where I feel like I am in the 

idealistic Norman Rockwell painting.  

No commercialism taking over this holiday to say, “If you didn’t give so-and-so, such-and-such, you aren’t a great whatever.” Thanksgiving is when all the people I love gather in one location where all we expect to happen is to eat, laugh & love. 


(in my humble opinion)

It’s always been a pot-luck event that family, blood & chosen, gather in one place to enjoy the culinary excellence of the generations. 

BUT 2020… am I right? 

Who else is feeling this? The utter disappointment. Have your Annual Thanksgiving Plans changed? Are your elders locked in a safe place to protect them from this pandemic? Our family fights autoimmune diseases, including me! So yes, Thanksgiving looks a LOT different than ever before. There have been tears (lots of tears, on my cheeks). At first I was going to just cancel the holiday but I cannot bring myself to do it. I feel like this is the theme from 2020… the year of Video Gatherings. 



For us, this year will be small, the “just us” crew. My amazing husband, myself & 2 of our 6 +1 (our lovely daughter-in-love) kids with us. So, I have determined that I will not give into the frustration, but I will choose to create new traditions. This year will be my smallest meal EVER! I haven’t made a “family meal for less than 8” in almost 10 years for a Holiday. Here are my menu plans.

I will be serving appetizers of my secret recipe of stuffed jalapeno’s with a Cranberry Cheese Spread with Crackers, a Easy Turkey Brine Breast with Homemade Stuffing, with Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, my Mimi’s Hashbrown Casserole, my Memaw’s Lemonade Pie, Mini Pecan Pies (Pecan Tarts) and of course an Apple Cider Sangria because what is 2020 without alcohol?!


The next question is what new traditions will I add-in to spin 2020? Actually, I think it is time to revive the Holiday past where my family would put up our Christmas Tree while watching White Christmas and put together a puzzle! What a better puzzle to do than the one my Momma gave me for my birthday, Thomas Kincade’s Painter of Light Disney Parks. (There’s a story there… if you don’t know, it will come out soon I’m sure! Stay tuned.) This will be the perfect Thanksgiving yet and all of sudden, I am really excited. What will you do to get excited about Thanksgiving 2020? 

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